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Pretty Russian wife: is a pretty Russian wife for you? Well if you're a man you would like a woman who understands the demarcation and distinctions between men and women and appreciates those differences and a woman who loves her husband and wants to create a family then a pretty Russian wife is for you! As men we must accept the fact that the world has changed and feminism has brought in new factors in the Western countries. But we live in a world like this we assume that the world is like this is far from it. In the Ukraine they have more of the traditional values that we have lost and the West. Women appreciate men being men and they want to act like women. If you would like to raise traditional and wonderful features that men and women naturally have been a pretty Russian wife is for you. If you would like to have a woman who is attracted to you because you're a man and act like a man and want to be the provider of the household and in Ukrainian and Russian wife is the way to go. Do you seek a beautiful sexy woman feels attraction towards you? You want a woman who is in the butt at the same time want to provide for her family and help you build a cozy home? Then again a Ukrainian and Russian wife is for you. 

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What you need to do is be careful and look at the agencies that are out there. There a lot of scams and lots of problems. What this site suggests is the use Kiev Connections Pretty Russian Wife marriage agency and specifically their Russian women and Ukrainian women matchmaker or match maker service.  

Every year tens of thousands of men come to Eastern Europe looking for their wives but many of them are unsuccessful most of them are scams and do not even realize it but I'm going to give you some general advice here on how to act as a man. Many of the men are not model quality men or would not be extremely handsome while others are. To do is play to your strengths and don't show your weaknesses. Do not be afraid if you are not the most attractive or well built man. You'd be crazy if he did not think this is important but when Russian and Ukrainian women are looking for a husband they are looking for a man who blew family with. Physical beauty and attractiveness are great for one night stands but not necessarily the ideal candidate to make a long-term husband and build a family with. You need to be attractive in the sense that you need to be clean and well groomed and wear nice clothes but the lady will be concentrating on your inner beauty because she's looking for a husband. 

If you have children you need to emphasize how much you love your children because this is a great feature she's looking for in a man. If you do not have children they need to indicate that you do desire children and that he will display characteristics that will show that you are and will be a good father. 

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Many of the marriage agency science will tell you that finding a pretty Russian wife is her easy but it is not. But you can do this! You just need to be smart and work. With some hard work, such as a lot of energy and effort, and correct behavior from you, you can't find a woman who will love you and be your wife forever. In the Ukraine you're going to see many average men dating very attractive ladies. You look around and say wow how can this possibly be happening? What it does happen because the women are looking for a nice man in there very difficult to find in the Ukraine. They're really looking for the average Joe who will want to build the family, appreciate his wife, not be in our politics, and the other traditional features that are common in western men but hardly available in the Ukraine and Russia.

Dating in the Ukraine and Russia is not like being at home. So when you're out with your pretty Russian why you need to do some things are a little different. 

Lots of men talk about their old relations. This is really a you're a serious mistake. If you need to bring up or you're asked about your old wife or your old girlfriends please whatever you do don't say anything derogatory about them. Just answer the question very briefly and skip on to a different subject. I cannot emphasize it enough. Do not say anything bad about your. Of course the biggest thing to do bad in the Ukraine or Russia is to drink too much. The men in the Ukraine and Russia are often alcoholics. The last thing a pretty Ukrainian woman or a pretty Russian woman would like is to have a foreign man who drinks a lot and is possibly an alcoholic. This is a big no-no. You must understand the Russian and Ukrainian women are looking for a man who will be better as a husband and father of the local Ukrainian men. So why would a law one poor choice for another? Why would they want a foreign alcoholic winner plenty of alcoholics locally to choose from? If you're a big drinker refrain from drinking heavily when you're in the Ukraine and better yet don't drink at all! If you have a quiet given up drinking than the Ukraine could easily make an alcoholic out of you. Don't drink within the Ukraine if you're a drinker and if you are a drinker and find your girl when you get home stop drinking. By the time she arrives for the long fiancée process you need to make sure that that monkey is off her back if you want to be happy and married forever. 

Look and feel your best when you're with your Ukrainian woman or your Russian woman. In the United States people dressed very slovenly but in the Ukraine and Russia people dressed very nicely. This is something like out of the 50s. You want to look nice and dress nice when you are meeting your Russian and Ukrainian woman. Tennis shoes, especially the ones you mowed grass and are covered in green stains, are not to be worn on your date! You need to have nice black or brown shoes. You can wear jeans but I suggest you don't. A suit and tie is overboard but again look very nice. It'll be hard for American look stylish when compared to Europeans because we just do not have the same sense of fashion than they do. I will probably think that if you can't take care of herself how she going to take care of her and your family. You need to look like a man who can easily take care of yourself makes you the you're clean, your hair is combed, and you are shaved. His best to get a haircut before you travel to the Ukraine or Russia as well. I would even suggest having a nice cologne. I have read in many places the number one turnoff for women his sense of smell and of course you want to make sure you're wearing deodorant! 

Shut your mouth! It's good to talk about yourself but occasionally shut your mouth and be a very good listener. If you have to buy your tongue literally, this is what you need to do. The last thing anyone wants is someone who is only interested themselves. You really need to make sure that you indicated she is very important to you! She is a woman remember and not the feminist view may be used to! 

Of course no one expects sex on a first date. If you pressure the Ukrainian or Russian woman for sex on the first day you probably are going to blow it. While Ukrainian women are very sexual and much more sexually active and open than women in the West is very important for them not to appear like a slut or a prostitute. After all, you're looking for a wife and not a hooker. It's best to put off sex as long as possible but of course the clock is ticking and your time is very limited while you were in the Ukraine or Russia. You can even not have sex on your first trip to make you follow through trip where you will both be prepared to have a good time with each other. Again, the more time, energy, and effort, you put into your trip and your search the greater your chances of being successful will be. Some men think finding a Ukrainian or Russian wife is like picking up a gallon of milk from the gas station on the way home but that's far from the truth. You probably put a lot of money, time, and energy into your education and your job is not finding a wife a fraction of that importance? 

Lots of times in the West men pay the dinner bill with a credit card. In the Ukraine many times credit card information is stolen so I would highly suggest you do not use your credit cards while traveling in the Ukraine and Russia would start getting back to the old days when everyone paid by cash. Do not be stingy as well. Be nice to the waiters and kind while they're serving you because the woman will be judging you remember? So when it's time to give it to you to give a tip but don't go overboard. 

I hope this is help define your pretty Russian wife or your Ukrainian wife and the information that is here is sound and good information could be used to help you find your wife. I wish you the best of luck!



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